Sundays at CEC

Each Sunday a crowd of us meet to worship God and celebrate what Jesus Christ has done for us.

We meet at Crickhowell Primary School at 10:30AM, so almost everybody knows where we are. Our gathering is informal in style but meaningful and authentic, as we meet with God and one another as part of his global family.

There’ll be some refreshments served in the main school hall, giving people a chance to get acquainted or catch up on life.

Once ready, we’ll typically sing some songs of praise to God and pray to him, which someone usually leads from the front. We hear the Bible read at every service and also have it explained to us, in a way that is hopefully engaging and relevant to our lives and thinking.

At some meetings we include time to especially remember and give thanks for the death of Jesus, sometimes called a communion service. Sometimes our meetings are followed by a church family and friends lunch at The Church Centre in the town.

We have another gathering at The Church Centre later each Sunday afternoon, at 5:30 to be precise, so if that suits you better, you’d be very welcome to come then.

We’d love for you to join us one Sunday – why not plan a visit.