About Us

Well .. we want to be warm, welcoming and hospitable to all of our visitors. 

We’re a mixed group in terms of age, background, temperament and personality. Yet within that diversity, there’s unity in our love for Jesus Christ and gratitude for all that he’s done. 

Until March 2020, around 50 of us would meet every Sunday morning at 10:30 at Crickhowell Community Primary School and a few less on a Sunday evening at 5:30 in The Church Centre, our building in town. 

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, Welsh Government advice and good practice, we suspended public meetings and held services online with Zoom. From the spring of 2021, we met outdoors in keeping with Welsh Government regulations, and then indoors when it was deemed appropriate to do so. We now now hold two weekly in-person services each Sunday – you are very welcome to join us.

10:30AM  Crickhowell Community Primary School

6:00PM    The Clarence Hall, Beaufort St., Crickhowell

Our church is not just a weekly sing song; we’re more like an extended family, passionately believing that our faith should be practiced every day of our  lives. Some have spent a lifetime attending chapel or church, but others have come to this more recently.

Some who come aren’t aren’t really sure what to make of this ‘Christianity thing’, but be sure you can feel at home amongst those who respect you and will treat your questions seriously. You are very welcome and can engage with this at your own pace.

Life is very different for the people who call this church home.

Some work from home, and others establishing careers. Some have retired and others are either still at school or studying at uni. Some have families with little ones in a car seat, and others make use of a free bus pass. Some sing in the town choir, others prefer to bend and creak in pilates. One leads the visually impaired society, while another attends the U3A. We’ve a dry-stone walling enthusiast and others who canoe, swim or mountain bike. We’ve art class enthusiasts, lapsed Welsh intermediates and others can think of nothing better than a long day of village cricket or an evenings socialising at the book club .. I guess you quickly see that all sorts come to our church.

The best way to find out more about us though is to come and meet us. So how about it – stop reading and drop us a line.

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