James Sercombe – the church pastor

My name is James Sercombe and I’m privileged to have been the pastor at Crickhowell Evangelical Church since 2006. I’m very happily married to Martha, a specialist health visitor, and we’ve two children, Hannah Grace and Ben, at university.

I grew up in the Swansea Valley, learning two languages, developing a lush accent and achieving sporting greatness (representing Swansea Valley under 11’s at rugby). 

Despite growing up going to chapel, I didn’t became a Christian until I was 19. By then I was working and wanted to live my own life and do my own thing, making sure to remember to turn to God when I’d be 80 odd, when, I figured, there wasn’t much better to do, and also make sure to pick up a ticket to heaven.

God, fortunately, had other plans, grabbing my attention through the ordinary church services and conversations of a good mate. After playing squash twice a week, he’d engage me in conversations about Jesus, trying to explain how relevant and important he was, even to us as young men.

Long story short, I heard another sermon which shook me to the core. After a few more days reflecting and stewing on it, I turned away from living for myself and turned to follow Jesus, asking him to forgive my sin and give me a new start. To think that God loved and cared for this insignificant brat, so much, that he’d take the initiative and send his eternal Son Jesus, to our world, revealing himself to humanity and declaring himself to be the saviour we all need. That after living sinlessly, Jesus died purposefully and sacrificially paying the price and take the penalty for my wrongdoing. With God’s help, the gift of his Holy Spirit, the story continues, bumps and all.

Martha and my eyes met across a crowded room during our first week at Trinity College. I was training as a Primary School teacher and she was training as a nurse. By the end of my four-year course, we were qualified, married and had a little Hannah on the way by graduation.

After a few years teaching, civil service and chaplaincy work with UCCF, I was ordained and inducted to the ministry of the gospel here, set aside to preach and share the good news of Jesus with everyone.

In one unforgettable year, we moved house three times, Martha trained and qualified as a Health Visitor, the children moved school and I began as the pastor of the church. Things have slowed down a little since then, but life is no less exciting.

I count myself very privileged to serve alongside a team of 30 others here in Crickhowell, committed to making a difference in our lives, as we point others to the Lord Jesus.

Don’t worry if you’ve not followed all of what I’ve had to say in this little section, but I’d be very happy to catch you for a coffee in town, or even an English tea in bone china and explain a little more. I’d be happy to meet you in the pub for a drink and a chat, or you’d be welcome to come to our home for a quieter, more private conversation with Martha.