James Sercombe – the church pastor

My name is James Sercombe and I’ve been the pastor at Crickhowell Evangelical Church since 2006. I’m happily married to Martha, a specialist health visitor in the valleys, and we’ve two grown up children.

I grew up in the Swansea Valley, speaking Welsh and playing rugby.  I was a regular at chapel but no angel and with no intention of becoming a committed Christian – at least, not until I was very old!  In the meantime, I got a job, started life and was quite content with that, thank you very much.

It was only after a new friend joined our church that things changed, and I started to think again. He’d recently become a born-again Christian, and would often tell me his story and answer any questions. Then the church sermons started to shake me, and after quite some time reflecting on what I was hearing, I turned away from my own dreams and ambitions and decided to follow Jesus for myself. I asked him to forgive my sin and give me a new start, and he did. To think that God so loved this world, that he’d send his Son, Jesus, revealing himself to humanity and declaring himself to be the saviour we all need. It was amazing finding out that having lived sinlessly, Jesus died purposefully and sacrificially, paying the price and taking away the penalty for my wrongdoing. With God’s help, the story continues, bumps and all.

After a few years teaching at primary school, I spent six years with an organisation committed to help students think about the Christian faith for themselves. I count myself privileged to serve alongside a team of 30 others here in Crickhowell, all committed to pointing everyone to the Lord Jesus. 

I’d be very happy to meet you for a coffee, or tea in town to hear your questions or spiritual thinking.  I’d be happy to meet you in the pub for a drink and a chat, or you’d be welcome to come to our home for a quieter, more private conversation together with Martha if you’d prefer.