Children are as much a part of the church family as anyone else; we go out of our way to make children and families welcome.

If you come along, you’ll find a warm welcome for you, your children, grandchildren or those you care for. Our church is quite chilled about noise, so you can relax and get the most out of the services.

Your children are welcome to stay with you throughout the service for you to enjoy it together. Alternatively, a couple of church members put on age-appropriate activities for twenty minutes when the sermon / talk starts, giving you a little more peace and quiet to get the most from the meeting.

If you come with your children to the late afternoon service, and some do, there will be sofas set up for comfortable seating.

Alongside our Sunday services

Stay and Play’ is a toddler group, meeting during term at The Church Centre on Silver Lane on Wednesdays from 10AM. Preschool children are welcome to attend with mam, dad, grannie or the childminder, and refreshments will be served



Going forward ..

While we don’t yet have a fully established children’s activity programme, we do take our safeguarding responsibility seriously here. Our church leaders and those responsible for children and vulnerable adults are routinely police checked, because we consider this important to do for everyone’s peace of mind. 

Our Safeguarding Officer, Martha is a senior health professional, with years of safeguarding experience, and is ready to speak with you if you wish.