Christian Faith

The Christian message is good news, it really is. Sometimes it's called the gospel, and is a message given and put in place by God for our good. We don't need to guess what he is like or how he wants us to relate to him - he's told us in the Bible.

The Bible tells us that humanities problem is far more serious and personal than we might imagine. We may not be impressed to hear it, but the Bible spells out we're personally responsible for offending God through our attitudes and actions. This is what's called sin - our greatest problem. God's good news is that rather than leave us try and come up with a solution to this ourselves, he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to show us what God is like and to come to our rescue.

Jesus' mission was to live a sinless life, to reveal God to those around him and then die as a substitute for all the men and women and boys and girls who would follow him.

God can and does change us, our thinking, our outlook and our eternal destiny, as we hear and respond to his message.

If you would like to find out or and hear more about this message, please come along to our services or click here to contact our minister.

Weekly Events

  • Sundays:

    @ 10:30 Family Service

    The above are held at Crickhowell Primary School, Oakfield Drive, Crickhowell, NP8 1DY
  • Sun @ 5:30pm
    Evening Service at The Church Centre
  • Wed @ 7.15pm
    Bible Study & Prayer

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